Etsy Love.

Etsy Love | Kiki's List

It seems like once Halloween is around the corner, the snowball of holidays and events begins.  Although it’s my favorite time of the year, it can be daunting.  Thank God for Etsy stores like Paper Case Studio, who can help us all cut a few corners on our way to fabulousness.  How cute are these confetti pumpkins?Etsy Love | Kiki's List

These leaf place cards are perfect for a wedding, or a holiday table.Etsy Love | Kiki's List

Ditto.Etsy Love  |  Kiki's ListThese menu cards are versatile enough for any soiree.
Etsy Love | Kiki's List

This spoon rest is perfect for the hostess with the mostess!


Favorite Fall Bags.

Favorite Fall Bags  |  Kiki's List

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Buy Sight, Give Sight.

Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's List

Have you guys heard of Jonas Paul Eyewear?  Think Warby Parker for kids mixed with the philanthropic element of Toms.  This company has taken a page out of WP’s book and created home try-on kits for kids.  I love this idea for kids in particular because they have a week to wear, and get used to a pair of glasses before committing.  The specs are super stylish and affordable.  But the best part is, for every pair of glasses you buy, a pair of glasses will be given to a child in need.
Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's List Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's List screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-10-28-46-am Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's List Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's List Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's List

They even sell accessories that your kids will love, like this braille “love” band.  It provides 1 week of clean water to someone in need as well as one year of Vitamin A supplements to a disadvantaged child.

Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's ListI’m actually super-bummed that my kids don’t need glasses (yet.)  But if yours do- have fun!


Etsy Love.

Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

I recently stumbled upon the Etsy shop of Lily and Val– and instantly fell in love!  This Wildflower print is a definite fave.Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

Stand tall, darling.
Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

 Every print is so whimsical and beautifully drawn.  There is one for everyone-  This one’s for the baker.

Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

Words that are so true.Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

One of our favorite sayings.Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

Perfect for a kitchen.Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

For the one with wanderlust.

Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

For the one who likes to have fun.Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

And lastly, one for the little ones.

Check out all of Lily and Val’s work here.