Yo Gabba Gabba!

My little Lou Lou bug turned two on May 1, and we had such a fun party. She is absolutely obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba so of course, that was our theme. Nick Jr. gives you so many tools for projects, that it really was easy (but time-consuming.) We had a blast making everything. After posting the pictures, I was asked by many mommies about how I did it… Here are the details:


  • Bags: We bought the bags and transfer paper at Michael’s, and used the YGG Iron-Ons from Nick Jr.
  • Banner: I used a roll of fuchsia wrapping paper from Paper Source.
  • Jars: The jars are vases from Michael’s
  • Cut-Outs- I ordered the characters here. Then I needed to: 1.) Find foam board that was big enough 2.) Cut out the hole for the head and 3.)Painstakingly glue each character on the board. I wish I had not left this until the day before the party. (We used wooden stakes that we hammered into the ground to hold them up.)
  • Cake- The amazing Kristy Stone.
  • Cake Toppers- I paid about $30 for these at Christmas time. Apparently now, they are out of stock and are going for as much as $130.
  • Tee Shirts- Here.



13 thoughts on “Yo Gabba Gabba!

  1. J.A.M.M.

    Hello! I found your blog by searching for “yo gabba birthday party – blog” and I am IN LOVE! .Your blog, in general, is great, and I’m now a subscriber. I wanted you to know, though, that I am SO impressed with your details. I hope you don’t mind if I use many of your pictures as inspiration for my daughter’s second birthday party 🙂

  2. SumFun

    this is really great!! so cutesy! where in the world did you find those table covers? so pretty 🙂


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