The One That Got Away….

Last fall I spotted this console at The Lucketts Store. Clearly, I was interested because I snapped a picture of it. I knew that I should have bought it for $295. It would have been the perfect TV console for our family room. The only issue was that I had no where to put it at the time. I was saving up for my coveted wallpaper, and would not be able to get rid of our ginormous TV until after the wallpaper was bought. Well, that day has come my friends, and now I am pissed that I don’t have this baby to spruce up. I keep dreaming up the big plans that I had for the two of us…. A little red lacquer, some gold spray paint on that hardware, and a little reworking on the shelving inside. ………Sigh……

3 thoughts on “The One That Got Away….

  1. Holly

    I had this happen to me over 15 yrs ago in a little antique store in Annapolis. Hate to say it but I still think of that dresser for time to time. It’s caused me to dive in on a few purchases since then!

  2. Quilted Cupcake

    Hi there! I’m Marybeth’s friend, Jean. I hear all about your girls, and loved the birthday pictures. So cool that you go to Luckett’s, too. LOVE that place -went for the first time last year, can’t wait to go back. Your girls are adorable!

  3. Danja

    I can’t say that happened to me with furniture, but it has happened to me with shoes. So I empathize with you in my own way…

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