In the Bag…

Everyone always asks me why I carry such a big bag. Generally I respond “Go big or stay home.” but in all seriousness, as a working mother I have a lot of s@$# to carry! My husband goes crazy with the amount of designer handbags I own, but honestly, I have not bought a new one in almost two years. If you invest wisely and take care of them, they really do last a lifetime. I used to switch handbags daily, but with two kids I am lucky to remember a bag at all. The bag that I am currently carrying is the Michael Kors Santorini Bag, Circa 2006. I have used it every summer for the past four years. Besides a little bit of sand (it doubles as a beach bag), and a few minor stains on the inside, it’s as good as new!

I always find it so interesting how women at different stages of their lives carry different things. My suspicion is that many of you have bags filled with similar items. Here’s what I’m currently toting around.
1.) Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Key Pouch ($135) I bought this in 2005 when I had E. It was a great solution as I was always leaving my wallet in the diaper bag, and would get to work on Monday morning realizing that I had no money or credit cards. Now they come with me everywhere I go!
2.) Ray Ban Cockpit Sunglasses ($135) Smaller Shades for smaller heads.
3.) Burberry Nova Check Make-Up Case ($35) Another great buy. I got this little baby at the Burberry outlet store in 2004, and she still looks like new!
4.) Laura Mercier Foundation Powder #5 ($40) A great “quick fix” for any blemishes.
5.) Buxom Lips in Katie ($18)– Plumps your lips and gives them a natural glow. I also love the minty tingle!
6.) Sula Stiletto Musk Perfume Oil ($18)– Light yet Musky. Not too sweet. This is one of my favorite scents. In fact, I get compliments on it all the time!
7.) Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 ($17) It’s the best! I always apply it under my lip gloss.
8.) Goody Ouchless Hair Bands ($2.49) I have two little girls… need I say more?
9.) Yo Gabba Gabba Panties (size 3 T) My little Foofa is learning to use the potty. Must have extra panties on hand at all times. Kohls is the only place that has these in stock.
10.) Envirosax ($8.95) I carry three in my bag at all times. They are great. They fold up into tiny lipstick-size rolls, and they hold more groceries than any other recyclable bag out there. Lastly, they are STRONG. No need to worry about them breaking under pressure.
11.) iPhone ($299)- We are an Apple family. I don’t know what I did before my iPhone. E-mail, text, iCal, videos, camera, Internet, iPod and the girls love all of the Apps… oh yeah, and it’s a phone too!
12.) iPad ($499) This thing saved our asses when we were on vacation. The girls can watch any of their shows on demand. Great for doctor’s offices and long car rides. E loves to play games on here. I highly recommend the interactive story of the Little Mermaid. (Warning: It’s the Hans Christian Andersen version, so she dies in the end.)
13.) Old Navy Water Bottles ($5) These are adorable, durable and made of steel (literally.) I try to carry metal water bottles as much as possible due to all of the plastic warnings. Don’t let your kids drink out of plastic bottles left in a hot car- there are many cases of cancer linked to this.
14.)L’Occtaine Shea Butter Hand Cream ($26) Super emulsifying and smells like a baby’s bottom!
15.) Chanel Le Petit Pinceau Brush ($34) Compact so it fits in my makeup mag, yet the the tip is large enough for great coverage.
16.) The Body Shop Natural Blotting Tissues (10)– I have an oily T-zone. These are fantastic at removing the oil without removing your make-up.