Wish they made that in my size.

I am amazed at the abundant selection of clothes out there for my little fashionistas. When I was a little girl there was Carters and Healthtex. That was it. Look at how adorable these outfits are. I may have a tiny case of fashion envy.

Here’s the best news!
J. Crew- 30% off sale items through tonight
Gap- Free shipping on all orders over $50
Shop ’til ya drop!
2.) Miss Trish for Target Seahorse Sandals ($19.99) They make a version of these for women, but they are not nearly as cute!
3.) Crewcuts Topsy Turvy Tank ($34.50) PLUS 30% off
4.) Crazy8 Ruffle Top ($9.99)
7.)Burberry Twill Infant Dress ($152) Not in my budget, but man is it cute!