Nesting Baby Shower.

Remember this little nugget? Well, here are some pics from her Momma’s baby shower, hosted by yours truly, and my sister, Karen. It was quite a hectic day. We had the shower at 11:00, and a dance recital for E and her cousin Bella at 4:00 (about 40 minutes away.) Nonetheless, we had an amazing time.
Here are the pictures of the lovely Milena’s shower:

Here is the most amazing part of the shower. Remember this post on butterflies? Well, this one decided to stay for the ENTIRE shower. It followed E and Bella wherever they went and even sat in Milena’s hand. It literally gave me goosebumps. I would mark it as one of the most magical moments in my life. I am so happy to know that Neets is with us, and looking down on all of us- particularly on Milena and Olivia that day.
.and then it was time to get the girls ready for dance.
The end.
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