The Colors of Summer.

I just got my nails did on Friday, and so many people asked me what color I was wearing- I decided to write this post.

Every salon has their preference in brand of nail polish. Mine uses OPI. A few months ago I ordered a bottle of Punchy Pink from J. Crew for the girls. One day I got a wild hair and put it on my fingers and toes. It took a day to get used to, but I absolutely loved it- and got a ton of compliments.
Here are my “go to” OPI colors that made it onto Kiki’s List, with an honorable mention for Essie’s Punchy Pink, of course.

1. Bubble Bath– The perfect pinky-nude shade. Great for all seasons.
2. Lincoln Park After Dark– Not black. Not purple. Somewhere in between.
3. Ate Berries in the Canaries– A gorgeous shade of orchid. This has been my #1 pick this summer.
4. Dim Sum Plum– Currently on my nails. I chose this because they were out of #3… Marvelous color.
5. Shorts Story– A great shade of watermelon. Looks fantastic with a tan!
6. Pink Flamenco– Hot pink. I love it.
7. Dutch Tulips– Red infused with the perfect amount of pink. This is my “go-to” red.
8. Cajun Shrimp– A great shade of coral. Warning- wear this only when you have a tan.
Check out all of these colors and more here. I love that you can even adjust the nail length and the skin tone. Perfect way to get a sneak peak before you commit!
Order Essie’s Punchy Pink here.

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