I’ll Take 45, Please….

The Salmons were in serious need of new flatware, and I mean serious. We were still using the same starter set that my sister gave me when I graduated college. (Thanks Sis!) While I worship this Tiffany Bamboo flatware set, I am not willing or able to fork over $3,700 for someone’s used flatware. So, I finally sprung for the next best thing (I can only swing the silver, although, I lust for the Gold.) A service set of 45, on sale here, here (gold) and here.
It arrived on Saturday… Isn’t it beautiful?
Best Yet: Get Free Shipping at Neiman Marcus with the Promo Code NMAUG.
Holy Crap- Just checked out NM website and all sale items are an additional 30%!!! I just ordered 45 more. 😉

One thought on “I’ll Take 45, Please….

  1. Michelle

    Yes! I love it. It makes me wish I had chosen that set instead of the very classic one I did choose. But I have a lust for vintage silver on eBay so….decisions decisions.

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