Heavy Hearted…..

Many of you have been following Declan’s Journey and keeping him in your prayers. For those of you that have not, dear family friends of ours have received the news that is every parent’s worst nightmare. Their sweet baby boy who is going to turn one in 11 days has been battling a very rare form of cancer called AT/RT. After many treatments, surgeries and most of their days in the hospital (Declan, with a smile on his face virtually the whole time) they have been told that there is nothing more that the doctors can do.

The Carmical family (though facing the toughest of times) have been an inspiration to thousands of people throughout their journey. I am in awe of their strength, courage and love for one another. Please pray for Sherri, Stan and their four boys as they face the unimaginable. And please, hold your babies a little tighter today. I know I will.

One thought on “Heavy Hearted…..

  1. lottie

    Krista, I have been following Declan’s Journey since you first emailed to pray for him in March. I don’t know their family personally, but through their generosity of letting others in to their world and allowing strangers to follow their journey, I have come to care deeply about the Carmicals. Perhaps it sounds silly… I’ve been heavy hearted all day since seeing the last post. I even had a good cry. And like you I’ve held my babies a little closer today. Thinking of you because they are your friends, and thinking of them.

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