A Peek Into Her World: Tia Zoldan

I first met Tia Zoldan at my beautiful sister-in-law, Christine’s baby shower in L.A. The shower took place at Tia’s next door neighbor’s house in Hancock Park, which (of course) she designed. It was fantastic. Classic, modern, clean. Just the way I like it. After spending some time with Tia, I couldn’t help but to be taken by her warmth and charm.

Tia, an L.A. based Designer has been celebrated throughout the blogosphere for her fresh and inspirational designs. I recently had the privilege of chatting with Tia and getting a closer look into her world.

1. Where do you look for design inspiration?

There are so many random things that inspire me on a daily basis. I always keep a pad of paper with me to jot down any ideas and a camera in my purse! Different color combinations will strike at any moment and I will always make note of it or I will forget!

2. What are some of your favorite fabrics at the

I am definitely a fabric junkie, I love vintage fabrics and I can scour the flee market endlessly for them. Right now I am loving really heavy weighted linens in vibrant colors (especially purple and red combination) but it has to be the right colors, even the slightest color variation will throw it off. I am also loving really delicate feminine patterns right now (think Porthault linens.) And now that Fall is around the corner I am craving anything mongolian lambswool.

3. How would you say that your style has evolved over time?

It is always evolving, think of your wardrobe and how many things you might of worn a few years ago but wouldn’t even look at now. And I wouldn’t say that I am even that trendy! I think all designers evolve through time they just evolve in different ways. I think now I am incorporating more traditional pieces than I used too but I still love mixing eras in design.

4. You have described your style as modern and classic with a mix of bohemian. (I’d like to add fresh and clean to the list.) This leads me to two questions….(thank you! I’ll take fresh and clean anytime!)

a. Have you ever turned down a design job?

Yes, I have turned down many jobs. Not because I didn’t want to do them, I usually only take on 2 projects at a time, which forces me to be limited. I have 2 young daughters and in order for me pick them up from school everyday I need to organize my time wisely!

b. Have you ever been forced to meet a customer in the middle?

Of course! It happens all the time! And it is not necessarily a bad thing, I do learn from my clients. I am always open to listen to their ideas, in the end, I just really want my clients to be happy.

5. What were your hobbies as a little girl?

What a sweet question! I swear I haven’t changed… I was always redecorating anything I could get my hands on. Even at sleepovers I was reorganizing and moving my best friends furniture around. I also loved to paint, I loved dolls and their houses (re-arranged those daily), and played soccer all the way through college!

6. Favorite family memory?

Time goes by so fast… I have so many different memories, the birth of both daughters, all their achievements, family vacations to Santa Barbara, birthday parties, and just snuggling on the couch (there is nothing better than that!)

7. How are Abby and Zoe’s personalities similar to yours, how are they different?

Wow, I could go on forever with this question!! Abby (the younger one) is artistic and she is quite self- sufficient, she will sit in her room for hours occupying herself which is the way I was at her age, but she is a little more head strong than I was as a child! Zoe’s personality is more like mine, more easy going and goes with the flow, but she needs entertaining (maybe because she is the first child?)

8. Favorite room of all time that you have designed? Why?

I do love my own living room because it is filled with all my favorite things but one of my favorite rooms is my outside cabana. We built it when we added our pool a few summers ago and I love sitting there while my kids are swimming. I can go out there with my laptop and tea, the pillows are so, so cozy and my dogs are always at my feet!
9. Worst mistake ever on the job?

One time I didn’t order enough fabric for a really large sectional sofa…so when I went to order more I was told that the fabric was discontinued! I had that punch in the stomach feeling… That fabric was really expensive, and I just had to swallow that one.

10. Why you love to design?

I don’t really know how to answer that one! I think it just in something you are passionate about or not! I love that design is always evolving, it is such a process from beginning to end. I love to see the before and after of a project, it is so fulfilling to see something beautiful from nothing at all. I love seeing how happy my clients are. Those are their homes where they create special memories, and to make it beautiful for them feels like I contributed to their happiness!

The pictures above are a collection of Tia’s favorite projects. Some serious eye candy. Check out Tia’s new blog The Roof Over My Head for more design inspiration. And remember that next-door neighbor’s house that she designed? Well, she recently remodeled their entire kitchen and will be publishing the end product soon. Stay tuned!
Tia- Thanks so much for giving my readers a peek into your world.

Images from Tia Zoldan and Cottage Living.

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