Ode To Geodes.

Geodes are at the top of my accessory list for both jewelry and my home for this Fall. I adore the cocktail rings from Mayastar in Wednesday’s post. I just love the natural beauty of these crystal formations. In case you were wondering, a geode is a a hollow rock or nodule with the cavity usually lined with crystals. These geological rock formations occur in sedimentary and certain volcanic rocks.

Geodes were popular in the 80’s. I remember we had a few in our home (I wish I still had them.) Lead by jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald, these little rocks are making a big comeback. I even spotted a few at Home Goods last week (above.) Some have a big fat price tag, some are much more palatable. Whatever your budget, add a little bit of rock to your wardrobe this fall with statement pieces like these. Check out the geodes that made it onto Kiki’s List.