Concert Tickets- $200
Dinner- $30
Brobee Backpack-$30
Light Sticks-$20
Yo Key Chains-$20
Tour Tee Shirts-$60
The look on their faces…. Priceless.

Last night we took our #1 fan to the long awaited Yo Gabba Gabba Live Concert. What a fun family night. Now, I am a sucker to watching my girls experience new things. I actually cried because of the sheer joy on their faces at Disney on Ice. Back to Yo- the girls loved it and we all danced the night away. Sadly enough, all of the parents knew the songs better than the kids. Yooooooooooooo Gabba Gabba!!!!!!!!!

We met Bella and Gigi for some burgers and fries beforehand.

Spent $100 after five minutes of entering the concert.


Mommy and DJ Lance Lou.

Loving it.

E’s kitten-like dance.

So Yummy! So Yummy!

Time to say good bye.

Check out this family’s adorable shirts.

Biz was awesome. I think the Dads were more excited than the kids… “Oh Baaby Youuuuuu!”