A Bouquet of Happiness: EmersonMade.

A woman with a passion and a dream. That is how it all began. EmersonMade is owned and run by the two gorgeous people that you see above. One part Emerson, one part Ryan, her husband and business partner. Here is their story:

At the time they were living in New York City. Emerson, a classically trained painter wanted to better understand the construction and structure of the flowers that she was painting. She began trying to physically reconstruct them out of paper and fabric. With her interest in fashion, she saw the opportunity to transform outfits with these pieces. There was instantly demand and EmersonMade was born. Emerson was literally selling her creations off of her own back to women on the streets. In 2008 Emerson and Ryan decided to leave the bright lights and the big city behind them and move to greener pastures in New Hampshire, where they run their business. You can take a tour of their renovated farmhouse here. Talk about a couple crush; two beautiful people with fantastic style and a mind for business… These two are unstoppable!

In their spare time, Emerson and Ryan like to take advantage of all New Hampshire has to offer. This year some of their summer highlights were picking huge boxes of blueberries, visits to the farmers market, and they are looking forward to apple picking and cider making this fall. You can add photography to their hobby list as Ryan takes most of the pictures for the website. (Emerson takes a few that she is not in.)

Thousands of people have fallen in love with this charming little company through the years, myself included. What started out as an accessory business is now so much more. This fall, EmersonMade has launched a new clothing line- and it’s fantastic. Check out the EmersonMade items that made it onto Kiki’s List. But wait, here’s the best part- EmersonMade is offering all Kiki’s List followers a rare 15% discount for two days only. (Today through Friday September 24.) Use code KIKI+EM at checkout. Start picking your fall flowers now!

1. The Dandy Dress– $228
2. Ballet Dahlia Clutch– $78 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
3. The Stripe– $78
5. Ballet Dahlia Set– $48 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
6. EM BlueBells– $198
7. The One and Only Corsage– $325 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
9. The Poppy– $54 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
10. The One and Only Flower Chain– $175 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
11. 1960’s Jacket– $220

A big, fat thank you to Emerson and Ryan. Keep up the beautiful work!

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