It’s where jeans meets leggings.. and they are all the rage this fall. With the feature on riding boots yesterday, I can’t help but recommend that you pair them with jeggings.

The thing that excites me most about jeggings this fall is that I don’t have to bunch up my jeans to tuck them in my boots. It will give you a much cleaner look. The other fantastic feature of jeggings is that they are made of a mixture of spandex and denim, so they give you better coverage than leggings, but you don’t have to worry about the plumber’s crack that jeans create when you sit down. Because they are still made of some denim material, all of the rules of normal leggings go out the window. You don’t necessarily have to cover your bum, but if your are…ummm… “curvy” like me, you may want to.
Here are the jeggings that made it onto Kiki’s List:
2. Harlan.234– $178
3. Five Pocket Jegging– $39.50
4. BDG Demin Legging– ON SALE $19.99
5. Harlan.290 -$195
6. American Rag Jeggings– ON SALE $25.99
7. Pixie Dark Jeggings– ON SALE $44.99