Take Another Looksie: Talbots.

When I think of Talbots, I think of Mom. Neets, god rest her soul, was a realtor… and she dressed like a stereotypical realtor. Think Annette Benning in American Beauty. (Disclaimer: I know MANY stylish realtors… so please save your e-mails..)

I have so many memories of Mom pulling into the garage, and keeping her various red bags in the trunk until Dad left the house, then she would carry them in and we’d all hear about it when the AMX bill arrived in the mail. Learned behavior? Probably. Mike accused me just the other day of “hiding” my Home Goods bags (which I wasn’t, I actually had to put them in the laundry room so that I could get a towel for one of the contractors that was at the house) but I have been known to hide a J. Crew bag or two.

I digress. Talbots has come a long way in the last few years, and just released a new fall line that almost made my eyes pop out of my head. Classic Glamour at affordable prices. Another thing that I will say about Talbots is that their pieces are very well made. So pick a few items that you will want to keep forever. Here are the items that made it onto Kiki’s List:

Quilted Coat– $179 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE

4. Skinny Bangles– $49
6. Kimono Shrug– $199 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
7. Three-Quarter Length Gloves– $79 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
9. Belted Double-Faced Wool Coat– $349 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
11. Croc-Embossed Platforms– $149 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
12. Lace Skirt- $149

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  1. lottie

    Awesome post, Krista! I can totally see your mom in her Talbots! And I’d like to sneak a few Home Goods bags into my own house!

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