Lucite: There’s a Ghost in My House.

Halloween is on the horizon and what better time to add a ghost chair to your home? Ghost chairs, Lucite chairs, acrylic chairs, they’re all one in the same. Lucite seems to be a buzz word. Generally, you’ll pay a lot more money when a piece has Lucite in the title. There are thousands of types of acrylic out there. Lucite is merely the brand name of DuPont’s acrylic material. Acrylic is essentially the clearest type of plastic, about eight times clearer than glass. It is a great option when you have little ones in the house. However, while it is more durable than glass, it is breakable.

Why stop at chairs? I absolutely LOVE the over-sized Lucite coffee table (above) featured a few years ago in Domino. Celebrate Halloween in style, and get your spook on with some ghostly furniture. Below are some of the Lucite/acrylic/ghost pieces that made it onto Kiki’s List:

1. Kartell Louis Ghost Chair– $422.30 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
2. Trunk– $377 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
5. King George Bench– $2,064 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
7. Adrienne Coffee Table– $2,699 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
9. Bettino Bar Stool- $136 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
10.King George Table– $1,984
11. Stackable Chair– $110
12. Classic Stool– $403