The Weekend in Review.

We had a jam-packed weekend full of fun. Here are the highlights:

After the girls’ dance classes on Saturday, we headed to the Great Country Farms Pumpkin Patch with some friends from the girls’ school. We LOVE GCF. We generally head out there twice each October. There is so much to do- a real pumpkin patch, a giant moon bounce, pig races, live animals, a cow train, a much, much more. Despite Lou’s ultimate meltdown the last 30 minutes, we had a fantastic time.

Today Momma was in dire need of a pedi, so I took the girls with me to get their nails painted. Across the street from the nail salon was a yard sale. The girls wanted to swing by and check it out so we did. And here’s what we scored:
2. Megablocks for Lou– $2.00

Now, I am not a scrap booker. I might be the worst mother ever because neither of my girls have a baby book. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I am banking that they will be able to log onto Kiki’s List or Facebook to reminisce. But I do frequent that aisle in Michael’s enough to know that the ginormous box that we got has about $300 worth of supplies in it. So many different papers, it kept E busy for hours today. Of course, her favorite? The “Oreos and milk” paper. As you can see, the legos were adequately disinfected.

After lunch we headed over to a group of three haunted houses that were erected by our local mall. I know what you are thinking- we are crazy to be taking a two and five year old to a haunted house. Disclaimer: E was stalking us all week to take her, and this one is advertised as kid friendly. As you can see by the look on E’s face, we will not be going back for a few years. She ran out screaming and wouldn’t even go through one of the three houses, and as Lou was walking through she said “Let’s get outta here!”