You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby.

Last winter we had one of the worst blizzards in history. While most were out shoveling, it seems that my friends were spending a lot of time indoors trying to keep warm. Now, what seems like 99% of my girlfriends are about to pop out babes within the next week or two. So, I have been asked to do a feature on diaper bags. Of course, I will gladly oblige.

We have come a long way since the days of quilted, floral diaper bags. There are some great choices out there, and quite frankly, you shouldn’t feel limited to bags that are only purposed for carrying diapers. You can use any bag that you like, as long as it holds diapers, wipes and bottles. Just make sure that you pick up one of these… you’re going to need it. I actually used #12 during my diaper days. It was a gift from my amazing godmother… and I loved it!

Here are the diaper bags that made it onto Kiki’s List:

1. Kate Spade Gramercy Baby Bag– $285 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
2. Charlie Tangerine Diaper Bag– $123.20 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
5. Batignolles Horizontal– $840 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
6. Oioi Tote– $204
12. Gucci Diaper Bag– $975 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE