She’s Gone Country.

Mike and I dream of one day having a lake house. A cozy cabin where our family can retreat on weekends. Ahhh, to dream……

I am a bit of a freak in the fact that every time I walk into a house, I think of how I would decorate it. Well, this is how I would decorate my lake house. Rustic is all the rage right now. Perhaps we should all find a way to incorporate some of these products into our homes this fall. I bought this round mirror last year and have it hanging in our basement over the mantle. Love it. Here are the rustic items that made it onto Kiki’s List:
2. 5 x 7″ Twig Frame– $139 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
3. Birch Bark Round Mirror– $305.80 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
5. Pinch Twig Cube– $1,185 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
6. Naturally Superior Twig Chandelier– $1,337 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVORITE
11. Sophia Arm Chair– $697 ON SALE
12. Jute Baskets– $39-$79