Smoke and Mirrors.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves a good smokey eye. However, many women steer clear of this make-up maneuver for fear of 1. looking like a streetwalker and 2. looking like you slept in yesterday’s make-up. Obviously, neither of these options are appealing.

Fear no more ladies… Follow these 6 steps to smokey eye bliss. You can even do it yourself! To ensure you have a clean application be sure to do your eyes first, clean up any residue on your face, then apply concealer and foundation. Also, to avoid looking like a street walker, make sure to keep your lips nude, with only a touch of gloss. And lastly, easy on the blush ladies….

1. Prep your lids. Also known as a primer, these products keep your make-up from melting off. I love Trish McEvoy and MAC.
2. Apply Eyeliner. Although I generally use liquid liner, a powder applied with an eyeliner brush is best for smokey eyes. You could spend a lot of money on different colors, but my girl Bobbi has put it all together for you here. Start at the inner corner and work your way out. Make the line a bit thicker in the middle of the lid, then bring it back down as you move outward.
3. Line your lower lids. Use the same powder on the lower lid, apply generously, then smudge with your finger. Tip: Powder will sprinkle your face. I tend to lick tip tip of a Q-Tip to clean up under eye area.
4. Apply base color. Pick a cream, shimmery color to apply over top lid. Start at the inner corner and bring it up to your brow bone.
5. Blend, Blend, Blend. Start at the lash line and blend upwards. Essentially, the eyeliner “line” should disappear.
6. Apply a TON of mascara. I always go with jet black. This is my absolute favorite mascara.

Talk about smoke and mirrors- if you are still afraid… there’s always this. No matter your technique- smoke it up, then grab your clutch, put on your embellished heels and hit the town!

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    I like to roll my Qtip in a dab of face lotion. It takes away the mistakes and gives some extra love to your lines:)

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