It’s Been a Long Day.

My day started at 3:30 this morning when E climbed into bed with me. I knew she wasn’t feeling well, so I opened up the covers and wrapped my arms around her. When Mike is traveling, she likes to sleep on my side. She told me she was thirsty. I told her that there was a bottle of water on my nightstand that she could have a sip of. I heard one gulp and then “RRRHHALLLKKKK!” Projectile vomit all over my room. Not only was she covered- she got the sheets, the duvet, the bed skirt, the throw pillows that were on the floor next to the bed and worst of all.. there were chunks all over the white carpet.

I quickly sprang into action. Rinsed her down, stripped the bedding, the pillowcases and threw it all into the washer. I grabbed my can of spot shot (we keep a can on every level of our house) and kept applying, and applying, and applying… No dice. This stain was not going away (and neither was the smell.) Before leaving to drop Anna off at school, I hopped online to stanleysteemer.com.

Say what you want about jingles, but I had seen their commercials so many times, they were the first name that came to mind. I was able to schedule same day cleaning and I received a $25 discount for booking online. Within two hours I received a call that the crew was on their way. John and Rolando showed up at my door. I showed them the infamous spot, and a few others and they told me that they thought that they could get them out. I, on the other hand, was convinced we were going to have to trash this carpeting… but since we have a five year old, a two year old and a dog, I would really like to get a few more years out of it.

John and Rolando cleaned my entire upstairs and all of my area rugs within two hours. The stains? Completely gone. They also recommended a deodorizer to help with the smell… and now my bedroom is smelling like daisies.

Long story short- if you need your carpets cleaned, these are your guys… Ask for John and Rolando.