A Peek Into Their World: Mixed Chicks

Last month, I went to see my masterful hairdresser Mikala for a haircut, and she confirmed what I already knew by telling me that my hair was “nasty.” Generally, I would consider my hair to be pretty easy- straight, shiny and quite manageable. However, after two lice incidents this summer, I was in dire need of some hair repair. Rather than a deep conditioning treatment, Mikala told me that she was going to use a new product on my hair that was created for biracial hair. It was developed by two multi-racial women who had a difficult time finding products for their difficult hair. At this point- I would try anything.

When she put the conditioner on my hair Mikala said that my hair just sucked it right up. After a blow out, I was so excited that my hair was “back.” It had shine, it had bounce… It was soft and it was beautiful. Without a thought, I bought both the shampoo and the conditioner. Since that day I have used it twice a week on both my hair as well as E’s. I must say, have gotten quite a few compliments on my locks since I started using Mixed Chicks.

I was so very excited about these products, that I wanted to share them with all of you.. After all, aren’t we all a “mixed chick” in some way, shape or form? So, first, let me introduce you all to Wendi Levy (left) and Kim Etheredge (right), creators of Mixed Chicks.

Wendi and Kim met at a barbecue. Quickly they bonded over about the common problem that they shared… they were both frustrated with their unruly hair. Through this chance encounter, a partnership was formed. They started developing their product, and friends and family couldn’t get enough. From the modest beginnings of working out of a garage and handing out samples at churches, in just two years Mixed Chicks was officially on the map. The dedication and hard work garnered positive word of mouth including endorsements from several celebrities. Sales skyrocketed after Halle Berry mentioned Mixed Chicks as one of her Top 5 must-have items in the March 2009 issue of In Style.

These lovely ladies were so gracious to chat with me so that we could all take A Peek Into Their World. Best Yet: All Kiki’s List fans will receive a 10% discount on all Mixed Chicks products through Friday. Online Code: KIKI

What’s your favorite product?
Mixed Chicks Deep & Leave-in conditioners, of course!

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
W– Not having a boss to check in with & sometimes helping women via email help their interracial children with identity issues.
K– Making people feel good.

Explain a day in the life.
W-Coffee. Wash, dress and feed myself & my 2 year old. Drive. Process a few hundred individual web orders while answering phones(salon & beauty supply orders & general questions) & correcting packing errors. Taking a few meetings( i.e. Marketing, Fed EX, labs, packaging etc.) Returning at least 100 emails. Paying all the company’s bills. Overseeing the warehouse & 7 employees.(all with my 2 year old on my hip or dangling from my leg). Drive. Eat. Wash my hair with new batches of product that need approval for the next day or notes for changes in those products. Play. Hug my husband. Sleep.
K-Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. Wake at 6am take my daughter to school,get into the office by 8:30am. Wendi & I have a lot of the same duties. What she doesn’t do I do, what I don’t do she does. Day ends at around 8pm.

How would you describe your style?
W– Comfortable always, sort of bohemian.
K– Simple but chic.

How do you find a work/life balance while building your business?
W-I’m still searching for balance and often struggling to find it.
K– It’s just here for me. I love my family & I love my Job, So I always put my best foot forward.

Any advice for women looking to become entrepreneurs?
W-Go for it. It’s well worth the struggle. Be consistent, persistent and prepared. IF you’re in a relationship be sure it’s with someone very secure.
K-I can’t do it is never the answer.

Biggest mistake?
W-I’m not sure yet. Hind site is always 20/20. Ask me when I retire.
K– I’ll second that.

What’s next for Mixed Chicks?
W-The horizon for Mixed Chicks is limitless. If I say what’s next I fear someone will grab the idea and beat me to it. So you’ll just have to stay tuned.
K– Everything!

A huge thank you to Wendi and Kim for creating such fantastic products, and letting us take A Peek Into Their World.

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