The Power of Paper.

No matter how advanced technology becomes, nothing beats the warmth and thoughtfulness of an old-fashioned thank you note. Two things that I like to indulge in (among others) are personalized stationery and fresh flowers. They make me happy.

Check out these tips from Southern Living on the five key elements of a charming thank you note:
1. Start with the date and salutation: Send your note, written in black ink, within a week of receiving a gift.
2. Say thanks right off the bat: Be specific about why you are writing the note. If you’re thanking someone for a monetary gift, refer to their “generosity” rather than mentioning the amount.
3. Compliment the kind gesture: Don’t be afraid to go over the top—everyone loves an effusive compliment, as long as it’s heartfelt.
4. Allude to the future: Anticipate another get-together, or if you’re writing about a gift, be sure to tell them how you plan to use it.
5. Finish with sincere regards: Reiterate your gratitude, then close the letter on an intimate note, signing your first and last name. Don’t forget to proofread before you postmark!
Now that you’ve been schooled on the how to’s, pick yourself up some fresh stationery. Check out the top correspondence cards that made it onto Kiki’s List:

1. The Point Pattern– $68 for 20 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVE
2. Simply Classic Notecards– $12 for 8
3. Cable Knit Notecards-$65 for 25 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVE
4. Fuschia Notecard– $272 for 25
5. Wild Things Notecards-$58.50 for 25
6. Modern Vintage Notecards– $31 for 25
7. Letterpress Elephant Cards– $238 for 25 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVE
8. Orange with Pink Piping Notecards– $68 for 20 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVE
9. Herringbone Notecards– $65 for 25
10.Petal Pop Stationary-$448 for 50
11. Starfish Notecards– $60 for 24 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVE
12. Oaxaca Correspondence Cards$238 for 25

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