The Bigger the Better: Cocktail Rings.

A cocktail ring is a dramatic large ring, generally worn at cocktail parties. The cocktail ring was especially popular to wear during US prohibition at illegal cocktail parties. Wearing a cocktail ring flaunted not only the fact that one was drinking illegally, but also that they were doing it with style.

Popularity of the cocktail ring gained in the 1940s and 1950s, as cocktail parties continued to be popular events. We saw the revival of the cocktail ring at the Oscars in 1996, and they are certainly here to stay.

I love a good cocktail ring. My theory on these babies aligns with my theory in life: “Go big, or stay home.” The bigger the better. So put on your cocktail ring and raise a glass to these beauties. Here are the cocktail rings that made it onto Kiki’s List:

1. Horsebit Cocktail Ring- $3,390

2. Sunshine Ring– ON SALE $51.50 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVE
4. Tuxedo Pearls Ring– $125 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVE
5. Empress Ring– $125
6. White Topaz Ring– $795 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVE
7. Cinnamon Topaz Ring– $1,005
10. Hematite Midnight Haze Ring– $7,700 ***KIKI’S LIST FAVE
12. Midnight Pearl Ring– $3,590

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