Tis the Season: Gift Guide for Kids.

For the next upcoming weeks, I will be doing a gifting segment called Tis the Season. Each Tis the Season post will be filled with ideas for all of the special people in your life.

Today, I am kicking it off with kids. They are what this season is all about right? Ah, to see Christmas through a child’s eyes. I will never forget when E was two, and she came downstairs from her nap (she used to take four hour snoozers, so we picked that time to trim the tree) and she gasped out of sheer excitement for our beautiful tree. Of course, I shed a few tears.
This year it’s Lou’s turn to really “get it” for the first time.. and I can’t wait. as you can see, last year, she was less than enthusiastic.

Make your little tikes happy with some of these picks. Check out the kids’ gift ideas that made it onto Kiki’s List:
1. Wooden Sushi Set- $15.07 ON SALE
12. Magnetic Fishing Puzzle– $8.41 ON SALE