Tis The Season: My Christmas List.

Mike and I never really do big gifts for each other for Christmas. We tell the girls at every holiday (Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, etc.) that the only thing we want is peace and quiet. It has become a Salmon family joke…

K: “What’s the one thing that Mommy wants for Christmas?”
E: “Peace and quiet. But you’re not going to get it!”

We are also saving for our trip to Turks and Caicos in January, so that is Santa’s major gift to all of us. That being said, for all of his strengths, my husband does not have the best track record in the gift giving department. Generally on Christmas Eve I get the “Hey, I need to go run and errand” line. This year I am going to help him out.. and I know that he is a daily Kiki’s List reader, so there are no excuses, Michael Salmon. Here is a list of 12 things for you to select from, my love. I certainly don’t expect all of them, but I sure could use a few. A plethora of items to choose from! And truth be told, if I could get a clean and well-organized garage, I would forgo them all!

4. Red Door Gift Card– Price varies
9. Miz Mooz Amelia Boot- $219.95

All of the beauty items are refills on my daily supplies.

Love these earrings. 1.) My birthstone is amethyst. 2.) They match an amethyst necklace that I picked up at a consignment shop in Venice perfectly!
Every year I ask for the same thing (besides peace and quiet) and that is a spa gift certificate so that I can get a massage and facial.

I have been waiting for Christmas to get new coffee table books… A great (easy) gift.

We are in desperate need of new towels, and I found these amazing bamboo towels at Valerianne made by a green company named Nandina. Nandina does not use chemical dye for coloring, their manufacturing plant is powered by wind and bamboo is considered a sustainable plant– very eco smart!

The bamboo towels are VERY absorbent, dry quickly and launder beautifully. The best part– no mold, mildew or bacteria can grow on bamboo so the towels will never get a musty smell to them.

I broke my magic wand mashing potatoes. In desperate need of a new one.

We received 12 red wine and 12 white wine glasses from Pottery Barn for our wedding. I think we are down to 4 white and 6 red. Not sure what happened there…..

I saw these boots on a coworker in California. I hunted her down and asked who made them.. Love.