Tis The Season: Teachers.

Last Friday, we hosted a luncheon for all of the teachers at the girls’ school. Because collectively they have been touched by every teacher there, I thought it would be nice to honor all of them rather than just giving the average gift card to their current teachers. Honestly, the luncheon equated to only a little more than I would have spent on the smaller group of teachers. The teachers were so appreciative– I think everyone really enjoyed it.

It is always so hard to make sure that you take care of everyone on your list, and for some reason, teachers always seem to be the hardest to shop for. I cannot thank my girls’ teachers enough for the love and care that they give my babies. They truly make a difference in my children’s lives’ everyday.

There are so many options for so many budgets; last year we gave them personalized CD’s wrapped up with a Christmas Candle– I still hear from some of them how much they love listening to our play list. Fresh flowers and potted plants are a great surprise, and something that they can use on their holiday table. And if you run out of creativity– gift cards are always welcome; Starbucks, Michaels, Paper Source- the possibilities are endless!

So this one’s for all of you teachers out there… Check out the holiday gift items that made it onto Kiki’s List:

1. Custom CD Labels– $26 for 20
5. Monogrammed Compact– $29.95
6. Cupco Cup + Starbucks Gift card– $7.99 + Gift card amount
11. Mani and Pedi– Varies
12. Potted Paperwhites- $19.95