Today is the Day.

This morning starts The Detox.  For those of you who are joining me on this journey expect today to absolutely suck.  As you may know from the literature that I have sent you there are a few rules.. and here they are:

-ONLY organic food.
-No dairy.
-No preservatives.
-No alcohol.
Do not use bottled marinades or dressings. You can use oil and vinegar on your salads. (Grapeseed or Oive Oil are reccommended.) Lemons, Limes, Garlic, Onions and Ginger, and fresh herbs are great for spicing up your meat.
-Salt (just a little) and pepper are allowed.
-In week 1, you can only eat 4 oz. of lean protein (chicken or fish) per day.
-In week 2 you can add 1 serving of beef twice a week.
-Raw vegetables are better than cooked.

Cook enough food and vegetables to help you last 3-4 days so that you are not tempted.  The first day was the worst for me, but everyone is different.  You will start to see and feel results by day 4.  Headaches, dizziness and irritability in the first week are to be expected.  Stick with the plan and if it occurs past the first week, let Dr. Su know.  This is a common symptom for some due to reducing the number of simple carbs and the mere detoxifying effects of the first week in general.  Your body is used to eating simple carbs that your brain typically runs off of.  Give your brain some time to adjust and “re-train” itself to use fat instead.  Most importantly, hang in there.  Do not worry about symptoms such as these, they are caused by the toxins in your body that are being released.   Revel in it.

Here is the shopping list: