What to Wear.

As many working mothers do, I struggle with the age old question of what to wear to work each day.  I am so physically and emotionally exhausted after negotiating with my girls on their outfits for school most days that I just grab whatever is clean and if it matches– it’s a plus.  The 15 lbs. that I have gained in the past six months don’t make it especially easy (or inspiring) to walk into my closet excited about what to outfit myself with.

This is why I was so excited to see this Vogue online feature called Five Days, Five Looks.  This week’s installment features Vogue’s Senior Accessories Editor, Filipa Fino.  I just love the looks that she pulled together.  Classic, timeless with just the right pop of color.  

An inspiration for all of us on what to wear in the New Year!

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