Detox: Day 4.

Feeling good.  Energy levels are picking up.  Not really craving carbs, wine or diet coke.  I told Mike that I even felt skinnier today!  He has lost 3 lbs. so far but is not fairing as well.  I think he has eaten more green vegetables in the past four days than in his entire life! he has vowed to stick it out as everyone is different and some people have a rough go the first four days.  I, on the other hand just literally licked the plate from my lunch.  My concoction was delish!
 Here were all of the ingredients that I used… all organic, of course.  I added some mango that I picked up at Whole Foods, sooo good.
Here is was making me drool last night as I cooked it.  I had leftover Broccoli Arugula Soup for dinner.
And here it is on my plate at the office today.  Not the perfect presentation, but it was fantastic.