Detox: Day 5. Dreaming of Carbs.

Last night I was dreaming of carbs.  Seriously- pizza, bread smothered with butter and pastas of all kinds.  But when I stood up this morning and my hubby said “You look skinny” I am able to put all of those carbs out of my mind.
I have been so humbled by the many notes and e-mails that I have received from all of you who are inspired by this challenge.  Some are following on the Standard Process plan with me, some are doing a modified version, and some are just gathering the stregnth to start a weight loss journey.  Either way- thank you.
I am not going to lie- this program takes commitment.  After walking in the door at 6:00 each night, I am generally spending an extra hour preparing our food.  Also, you have to go food shopping about every day or two, as organic food does not have a long shelf life… but then again, isn’t that normal?  In every other country in the world, people go to markets daily and buy their food.  Here, in America, we expect our produce to last a week in the fridge.  If your produce does last a week in the fridge, then you are ingesting a ton of preservatives and other chemicals along with your fruits and veggies.  My kids are receiving residual benefits from this plan as I see the value in organic food.  I used to debate whether organic milk was really worth paying twice as much as conventional milk, but after researching all of the hormones that they pump these cows with, I am convinced.
So, whether you are doing the full program, or a modified version, stick to it… we will all get through it together, and come out on the other side looking and feeling a whole lot better!