Detox: Day 8.

Today marks one week on the detox, and I am feeling fantastic!  I lost 4 lbs. last week, but beyond that my body feels so much more svelte!  Now I am not saying that you could bounce a quarter off of my a$$ yet, but a little less jiggle provides me with the motivation to stick to the program so that I can experience results in weeks two and three.
More Good Stuff:  I am feeling much more energetic.  Over the holidays, my energy level was at an all-time low because of all of the junk that I was eating. I am also noticing that some joint pain that I was having before the program has subsided.  Both my sinuses as well as my mind feel so much clearer.  I feel much less stressed.
Some Not-So-Good Stuff: I am experiencing some irritations in my skin- I have a few breakouts as well as itchy spots.  These are normal reactions as the toxins are leaving my body.
My cravings are really starting to subside.  Two weeks ago it would have been my own personal hell to watch my family eat this while I ate my  veggies… but on Friday night, that’s just what I did.
Mike by the way, has started a modified version of the cleanse.  He caved and ate a piece of leftover pizza on Saturday, and felt so much better… so we have decided to add just a few healthy carbs into his diet, but otherwise.. he is sticking to the program and is feeling great.