Kiki’s List: What I’m Loving For Spring.

Hello friends!  While I missed you all during our vacation, I was enjoying reading up on what my blogging friends are loving for Spring– thanks again ladies!
So, here’s what I am loving for spring–all things colorful; pink (big surprise there) orange, a mixture of the two (coral), trouser jeans, anything boho, wedges and lots of gold jewelry (although that seems to be a staple for me every season.)  As you may remember from last summer, Geodes are a favorite of mine.  I must give props to Lindsay of The Pursuit of Style to turning me onto this cuff.  I ordered this baby before my trip and was so elated to come home to her.  What a gorgeous piece for $60!

Here are the spring items that made it onto Kiki’s List:

1. Ikat Dress– $295
2. Lanvin Flats– $485
3. Paisley Scarf– $310
6. Wedge Sandals– $175
8. Agate Cuff– $60
9. Francesca Coral Tote– $239.99
10. Udolfo Top– $680
11. Marc JacobsWallet– $250

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