TOMS: Shoes For a Better Tomorrow.

Ok, so I am a total hypocrite.  One of my friends at work wears a pair of TOMS every casual Friday, and would have to endure my ruthless taunting.  “F-ing Hippie” was probably the most popular name of choice.  For some reason, these shoes reminded me of the dudes in college who always smelled and sat outside the dining hall playing hacky sack.
So…. two weeks ago, before leaving for our trip, the philanthropist in me took over.  I bought a pair of these puppies on a whim and I will be the first to eat a piece of humble pie and tell you that they are THE most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn.  I’m sold.

For those of you who are unaware of TOMS, it was a company started by Blake Mycoskie. (Yes, there is no Tom.. TOMS is short for Shoes for Tomorrow.) During a trip to Argentina, he had noticed that they children had nothing to protect their feet.  TOMS was born in 2006, and with it’s one to one program, it vows to donate one pair of shoes for every pair of TOMS that are purchased.  After starting TOMS, he later returned to Argentina with a delivery of over 10,000 shoes to donate.  TOMS now donates to over 24 countries and has now donated over 1 Million pairs of shoes.
Now… knowing what a good heart he has, let’s get a better look at Blake…

Mmmmm Hmmmmm.
So, next on my list is to outfit the whole family in TOMS.  I already found a pair for Lou.

I urge you to give these shoes a chance, and in the process, give a child the same.

5 thoughts on “TOMS: Shoes For a Better Tomorrow.

  1. Julie

    I felt the same way as you – I thought they were perfect for my hippie brother, but me? No. I tried a pair on and OMG – so comfy. I’m looking around for a striped red pair which doesn’t seem to be in stores right now.

  2. Melissa

    They are fantastic, and it supports a good unique cause. All the Deacons (Wolf included) are outfitted in TOMS. I love that you’ve been converted!!

  3. Kelly @ Life In The Klaas Lane

    I have the yellow ones with stripes shown above (but in black) and I can not agree with you more…most.comfortable.shoes.ever.
    I was at Norstroms the other day and they had about 25 different pairs!

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