Jenny From The Block.

Jennifer Lopez seems to be everywhere you turn these days, and last month’s Veranda is no exception. Let’s take a look at her gorgeous L.A. home designed by Michelle Workman.
I was actually surprised at how subdued and tranquil her home was.  A little too formal for my family’s …ahem.. lifestyle- but beautiful, nonetheless.  My girls and Bailey wouldn’t last 10 minutes in this living room.
Here comes my favorite.  I am loving the blue cabinetry in her kitchen….And that stove?  Perfection.
Chandelier love.
To be this important….
As you know, I am a color person, I feel like her dining room could use a little more punch, but I love the overall concept, and the chandelier.

2 thoughts on “Jenny From The Block.

  1. Mackenzie {Design Darling}

    I couldn’t agree more with your commentary. The pale blue cabinetry and vintage stove are fantastic and I love the subdued palette of the living room and the bedroom. But the dining room? Eh. It’s a little too mauve I think. Great post and beautiful home!

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