A Peek Into Her World: Jamie Meares.

If you saw last month’s premiere issue of SavorNC Magazine (a new guide to the good life for North Carolinians) you were able to read my interview with Jamie Meares of Furbish.  For those of you who don’t live in North Carolina, you can check out my interview with Jamie below.  Thanks again to Jamie for giving us a Peak Into Her World.

I first heard about Jamie Meares and her store Furbish in one of my many adventures in the blogosphere.  Jamie is also the author of I Suwannee, the blog that was the gateway to her booming business.  Jamie started blogging in 2007.  Through various e-design projects for her clients, she saw a need for a more unique offering of furniture and home accessories.  So, on November 21, 2009, Furbish opened its doors.  Jamie followed her instincts and took this leap of faith and has not looked back since.

K: What was your career before you opened Furbish?

J: Ugggh.  it was in marketing.  I sat at a desk all day passing hours of my life – that’s how the blog was born.  

K: I could imagine that you wear  lot of different hats between the store, online, custom design, etc.  Tell me about it.

J: Oh man the hats I wear.  and none of them are fancy hats.  Right now I have lots of balls in the air – the brick and mortar store, an online store that’s shipping about 50 orders a day, my big design projects, my one hour consultations, people bringing things to the store for us to paint, for us to upholster or to sew and the blog.  Also my husband and dogson, Rowdy!  We’re also battling a mouse at the store (who sneaks in a night and eats soap!) 

K: Describe your personal style.

J: My personal style is bright – and bold.  I’m a lot southern, a little bit modern.

K: What is your favorite piece in the store?

J: I love the soap rocks we just got in — I know that’s not an amazing huge vintage piece that I just reupholstered, but these little rocks are just so glamorous and chic.  I saw them at a trade show in New York months ago, and have wanted to order them since, and just got around to doing it.  I visit them every morning — they smell so good and pack so much of a decor punch in a tiny item

K:  Favorite room in your house? Why?

J: I really like our bedroom — it’s on the third floor and we have a very slanted slot — there’s lots and trees and a greenway behind our house, so it’s sort of like being in a tree house.  We’ve got a nice big room with a few old Turkish carpets on the floor.  I can lay in bed and watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Rowdy sleeps on the sofa at the end of the bed.  I also have a big bookcase filled with books in case I finish one and need another quickly at night.

K:  Tell me your thoughts on how to make a house into a home.

J: I think you make a house a home by slowly bringing pieces you absolutely love into it. Cheaping out to get something b/c it’s inexpensive or because you have to have it right now makes it look exactly what it is: cheap.  Things can be a good deal, but they need to have a story.  I’m all for maximizing a budget, and making smart design decisions, but it’s important to know when to compromise and when not to.  I also think bringing animals into a house makes it a home…  A dirty home, but a home at that… and plants, books and art!  I can’t say how important it is to have these things in your home!! 

K:Best Part of your job?  Worst?

J: Best: being my own boss.

    Worst: right now, the mouse.

K: What are some of the fabrics, textures that you are loving right now?

J: I’m loving tribal prints, and Navajo inspired items right now.  I love a good peach and gray color combo, and I’d love for you to paint your ceiling not white.  I’m also very into spots; not necessarily an animal print, or a polka dot, but the hybrid of the two.

K: Color combos for the new year?

J: Well honeysuckle pink was just projected as the color of the year 2011.  I can support that.  I also love a bright orange, and an almost drab olive green.

K: Describe your perfect day.

J: Maybe a Saturday at the beach.  Get up, go eat a big breakfast, do some shopping at my favorite consignment boutique Hallaju, then check out the home boutiques in Lumina Station – I am so inspired every time I go into Paysage – it’s just such a lovely store, and I don’t go too often to get tired of it.  Then headed out to the beach.  Read a Diana Galbadon book, let Rowdy dog around in the water, and drink 2.4 beers. I love coming in from the beach for lunch and eating a real white bread sandwich with Doritos and French onion dip.

Staying outside until the sun starts to go down, and then eating again – maybe fried shrimp!

Furbish offers a fresh, edgy and eclectic twist to the average home furnishings.  Located in Raleigh, Jamie not only has a store filled with lavish eye candy, she also offers design services at $75 an hour.

Here are the Furbish items that made it onto Kikis List:

3. Soap Rocks– $12 each

6. Zebra Stenciled Hide– $500           

8. Custom Dog Beds– $100- $130

10. Marbled Lamp– $295

12. Ottoman Tray– $95

1020 Glenwood Avenue

Raleigh, NC 27603



Photos courtesy of Jamie Meares and High Gloss Magazine.

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