Firetruck Party

A few months ago, my friend Kristin Mika asked me to help her coordinate her son Jackson’s 4th birthday party.  The theme: Firetrucks.  I was thrilled to help as I don’t get to plan many boy’s parties.
Kristin had a good idea in her head as to what she wanted, just needed some help editing.  We did things like design tags, pick fonts, fabrics and talked through the flow of the party and where everything should go.  I also helped with her with some ideas to keep the kiddos entertained like “Pin the Tail on the Dalmation” , “Hot Dalmation” (like Hot Potato.)

Here are some of the concepts that we discussed:

1.) “Pin the tail on the Dalmation” game. (Image by HPD.)
3.) Firefighter hats-  I would rip off the stickers, or try to get them plain and put your custom stickers on them.
4.) Large dalmatian to have at the party.
5.) Custom Popcorn Cups (Cups from Michael’s, Stickers HPD)
9.) Custom cookies and tags wrapped with  dalmatian or red grossgrain ribbon
10.) Custom candy tags and cupcake toppers with images from HPD.
Another friend, Kristy Patterson  (I know, it gets confusing Krista, Kristin and Kristy..) designed the candy table.  We designed the layout and the tags for the candy.  While I was not there the day of the party, it was a great success!  Here are the final results, pictures taken by James Woo:

I hope this was inspiration for those of you who may be in the market for a Firetruck Party.  I had so much fun with Kristin and Kristy planning the event.  If you need customized invites, labels or gifts, call Kristin… if you are looking for an amazing candy table, Kristy is your girl.

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