I have been yearning for a feather Juju Hat for what seems like ages.  What the hell is a Juju hat you ask?  Behold:
Traditionally worn by Village Chiefs in the Cameroon region of central Africa, Juju hats have since gained popularity with interior designers, and are often used as an eye-catching accessory for the home. Beautiful bird feathers are painstakingly hand sewn onto a raffia fiber base/basket that splays out into a huge circle. Feathers are considered rare objects of beauty and a symbol of prosperity and wealth associated with the positive qualities of birds. 
Very much a trend of the moment, the concern is that by the time I save up to buy one, that they will be yesterday’s trend.   But I truly believe that I love the pop of color and the layers of texture so much that this is not something I will stash away in my storage room in a year.  I think it would look gorgeous over a guest bed, mantle or piano.
The lovely Louise has plenty in stock.  I just can’t decide if I want the orange or pink.

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