Such Is My Life.

For some reason, as luck would have it, whenever I get something new that I am really excited about, disaster strikes.  I get a new car, it gets scratched. I bought a new pair of earrings out in LA, they were stolen out of my luggage. The list of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things goes on and on.  
This little baby was no exception.
A few months ago, I bought this rug on Overstock.com for our foyer.

 I had a brilliant idea to have it monogrammed to spruce it up.

(Nobody’s fault, just coincidence) No more than 3 minutes after laying it down, Mike and our friend Dave wheeled an 800 lb. TV that we were getting rid of RIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF MY RUG.  Argh!  I just about died.  Here are the results.

People tell me that the lines will “work themselves out.”  Does anybody have any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Such Is My Life.

  1. soumya

    Try rubbing the area with ice cubes and then hot water. Later pat dry.Make sure not to wet the monogrammed area as it might bleed. I fill the the cup dents on the carpet after removing furniture with Ice cubes and the warm water to remove the cup shaped dents. It works well.

  2. Ann

    I’d try steam cleaning it. The warm water will moisten it, and the vacuum should lift the dents as it sucks out the moisture. (Be careful when going over the monogram, though. It may not be completely colorfast.)

  3. RFlip

    I got some carpet dents out by misting the area with water and then working the nap back up with my fingers. Not perfect but much better. Warning: do not use a sponge with color in it on the rug, I learned this the hard way with a blue kitchen sponge! Good luck!

  4. AnnieMac

    Try using a fork to rake over the indentions/marks. I used to do this on carpet indentions made from furniture. It never made the indention completely disappear, but it did improve the appearance greatly. Might help?

    Love the rug! Great idea to add the monogram.

  5. Krista Salmon

    Hi Deidra- I actually had it painted by a very talented artist here in DC. More on her to come…. If you live in DC, send me an email and I will give you her contact info. She is still working on her website.

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