You’re So Vain.

I have a few exciting things in the works, and I quickly came to the realization that I didn’t have a headshot.  So, a few weeks ago I enlisted the help of my friend Ryann Laden of Ryann Colleen Photography to help a sister out.  (Sidebar: I am pretty awkward about having my picture taken, especially by myself.  I couldn’t even do it on my wedding day -weird, I know.)
 Thank God for Ryann who was AMAZING at coaching me through my photographic-awkwardness.  We were able to cram the entire session in while the girls were at dance class. What was hilarious about the whole thing is that Bailey kept creeping into every picture- so much like my real life, she is right by my side. 

Recognize this Forever 21 dress?

I just adore this one of Bail– a framer, for sure!
Loving my EmersonMade Poppy!

My baby is getting so grey around the face– she just turned 10!

I felt a little ridiculous with this one in my boudoir– but this is where the majority of the magic happens… For the blog, that is.
Thanks again to Ryann, she is a true professional, and quite the perfectionist– which I love.  Ryann also does Portrait Parties for children– what a great idea for Spring!

6 thoughts on “You’re So Vain.

  1. Bonnie

    You are gorgeous and shouldn’t be camera worried! Your home is beautiful and gives me lots of good ideas! Thanks.

  2. LindsB

    Just found your blog and I’m in LOVE! You are STUNNING in these photos- makes me want to fly her right up to Boston and take some of me, woah hottie!

  3. Ryann

    Thanks, Krista! You are so good at what you do, and I loved working together! You look gorgeous! 🙂

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