Calling All Fairies….

For the last eight months, all Anna has talked about is her Tinker Bell Birthday Party.  Well, our little Lou is turning three on Sunday, and I’ll give you one guess what the theme for her party is????  Stay tuned for lots of fairies, fantasy and fun!

7 thoughts on “Calling All Fairies….

  1. Amy

    Hi! these are perfect! Did you ever do a tutorial? I would love to learn how to do this
    thank you!

  2. Krista Salmon

    Thanks Ladies! I made the invites myself. I used the Paper Source Envelope liner kit for the glitter liners. I will post a tutorial.;)

  3. Deidra Brown

    I love the invites. I need help with my daugther’s Princess and the Frog invites. Any suggestion and ideas? By the way I loved your daugther’s so much I decided to go with that theme. 🙂

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