Lou’s Tinker Bell Party

A few weeks ago, I clued you all in on the theme of Lou’s third birthday party.
Courtesy of my friend and neighbor, Amber of Little Moon Photography, we have some amazing pictures to share…
 My friend Kristy Patterson of Sweet Nothings worked meticulously on the candy table.  Those of you who know me, know how obsessive  I am over the details.  Kristy is just as detail-oriented and was open to all of my crazy ideas.  She was an absolute pleasure to work with.
 I just love how everything turned out!
I created the tags in MS Word, and all of the glitter ribbon is from Michaels.  The backboard fabric is from Heather Bailey.


 Once again, Kristy Stone of Tastefully Treated hit a home run with the cake… Kristy is someone who understands and tolerates my OCD.  After I decided I wanted a log slice for a cake stand, she went to several different mill yards in the area to find just the right one.  She’s a genius!
 Many of you had questions on the flowers… I actually special ordered them from Wegmans.  I looked a little weathered (you’ll see below) as I was up until 3 am doing the arrangements.  So worth it!
The fairies in jars were made from Christmas ornaments, Ikea Rajtan jars, fishing wire and wooden toadstools.  The rainbow circles were cut from glitter paper.
The tablecloths were made in this green linen, and sewn by Windows by Melissa .  One thing to note.. the linen wasn’t easy to iron.  Please excuse my mismatched valance (next on the list to be replaced…)
The large toadstools are from Pier 1.
The Ninja-like fairies on the mantle are from Target.  On Friday night as I was arranging them, I called Mike over to take a look (mature, I know) because of the not-so-lady-like positions that they were in.  I tried my best to give them some decorum.
We had a mean game of Pixie Tag. I bought the “Pixie Dust” here.
As you can see, someone finally got her Imperial Trellis shades hung in the kitchen… I love them!  The wreaths, wood chips and moss rocks are from Save On Crafts.
 The goody bags are from Michael’s.  I created the iron-ons in Word.
 The Peter Pan hats are from Good’s Place, the fairy wings, wands, swords and tutus are from Designed2BSweet.
The moon bounce was a surprise from her Daddy.  He was so proud that he found a TINKER BELL moon bounce.  It was priceless, when she saw it in the backyard, she gasped and grabbed his hand.  I think I may have seen a little tear well up in his eye.
 Everyone had a ball, including Bailey.
The kids loved playing Fairy Freeze Dance.
Lou kept thanking us saying “this is the best birthday party ever.”
A week later, our house still sparkles with Pixie dust, I think a little will always remain, but it will always remind of us the magical party that we had for our sweet little Anna Lou.

20 thoughts on “Lou’s Tinker Bell Party

  1. Andrea F

    Beautiful Party! I stumbled across it on pinterest looking for ideas for my daughters 3rd party(I am awful at party planning..) Anyway when I came across the photos of your Pup Bailey I just about died. She looks EXACTLY like our Gypsy, her face, paws, tail even the recent years grey hairs!!! We were told our dog was a maybe German Shepherd, lab, and mix??? So was quite a surprise to find her twin online.

  2. Sheri

    I know I’m a year late now, but I just stumbled upon this gorgeous invitation via pinterest. I saw that you mentioned a tutorial for the invite, but did I miss it? I’d love to recreate something similar but cannot find the images. I’m sure you’re very busy, but can you offer any insight? Thanks so much! Such a beautiful party!

  3. Andrea

    Thanks, Krista! I kept forgetting to check back. Thanks so much for answering so quickly, and for all the fabulous ideas! Guess I am off to Amazon 🙂

  4. Kristin

    This is sooo adorable! Would you mind telling me how exactly you made your tags in Word? I am planning a baby shower next month and trying to DIY most everything and wasn’t sure how you did those. I have been trying to find clip-art I could use, etc. but haven’t had much luck. Thank you so so much…those tags are pretty much exactly what I am looking for!!

  5. Krista Salmon

    Hi Andrea! It’s a figurine. I bought a set of cake toppers at Amazon.com which included all of the fairies. We only used Tink.

  6. Andrea

    I love this party! I’m planning a fairy / Tinkerbell party for my 4-year old, and you are providing lots of great ideas! Can I ask — is the Tink on your cake made from fondant, or is it a figurine? It is perfect!

  7. Leslie

    Anna is a lucky girl! When it doesn’t seem possible to outdo your previous parties, somehow you do….beautiful!!

  8. Andi

    Wow, this is seriously amazing! Everything was just beautiful!
    I love, love the TInkerbell jars, so precious. What was in the pixie dust packets?
    Happy 3 to your little girl!

  9. Katlyn

    WOW WOW WOW – what a wonderful party – the smile on her sweet little face is pricesless. Would you mind sharing where you found the invitations/envelopes with glitter?

  10. Katie

    Goodness, Krista, you certainly outdid yourself!

    My favorite photo? The one of all the ‘Pan’ boys — Too cute.

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