Summer Staples.

Last week while in Austin, I picked up these two items at Zara.
I love buying summer items and pairing them with items that I already own.  Just the smallest purchase can update so many looks.   Three summer staples that I beleive every woman needs is a big gold watch, a functional straw bag and gold flip flops.  Here are some ensembles I have in mind that incorporate my new Zara items.  The three versatile pieces that go with either outfit are my Michael Kors watch, my Santorini bag (best handbag purchase I ever made!) and my gold flip flops (I don’t actually own this Tory Burch pair, but mine were a Nordstrom Rack purchase and look very similar.) 

4 thoughts on “Summer Staples.

  1. Krista Salmon

    Hi Deirdra! Sure thing. I am a loyal fan of Joe’s Jeans. I have a little junk-in-the-trunk and Joe’s are perfect for women with curves. That’s pretty much all I buy!

  2. Deidra Brown

    Oh I get so inspired by your fashion, style, and decor. Thanks for the inspiration. I just wanted to ask. What type of jeans do you wear? I noticed a pair that you were wearing in one of your post. I hope you don’t mine me asking this.

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