Get Your Goyard On.

The latest handbag to take Hollywood by storm is the Goyard Weekend Bag.  Gwyneth, Nicole, LC, and Tori have one.. Why shouldn’t you?

Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot… Goyard isn’t gifting each of us one.  Maybe you can add to it your Christmas list?…  I hope you are being a very good girl because the small will run you $940, and the large will cost a whopping $1,065.
Which color do you like best?  I love Nicole Ritchie’s white weekender, but I am also loving LeAnn Rime’s pink version.  (Waa, Waa… Limited edition, no longer available.)
Then I spotted this puppy, and I fell in love-  Purple and Orange and monogrammed to perfection.
Monogramming your Goyard isn’t a standard process.  The stripes and monograms are actually painted on by a Goyard painter trained in Paris.  Each of these options are considered an additional service, monogramming (up to 6 letters) is $165, and up to three stripes will run you an additional $150.
Here is Goyard’s offering of bags.  The Saint Louis is the most popular.
Can’t control yourself?  Call Leanna at the Goyard Store in San Francisco.  (415) 398.1110.  Tell her Kiki sent you!

5 thoughts on “Get Your Goyard On.

  1. Haley

    Wow, it all makes so much sense now. I saw some of these at Horchow Finale and couldn’t tell why they cost so much. I am so out of touch with luxury brands… :-/

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie

  2. Deidra Brown

    I have been thinking about asking for a Goylord bag for a while now, but I am still working an another LV bag. I guess I have to be a goooood girl right?

  3. H.G. The Countess

    There are knockoffs on every corner in NYC, and honestly, it’s the one bag where I really can’t tell the difference. I’m sure you could find someone to monogram the fakes too.

  4. Katie

    I can’t stand knock-offs, but I’m sure that it’s only a matter of time before some ‘inspired by’ styles hit the stores — I’ll be keeping an eye out!

  5. Fran

    I covet these bags so much!! However, I don’t think I’ll ever get one in my lifetime, unless I hit the lottery or something!! 🙂 Happy weekend!

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