Disaster to Delightful.

Three years ago, I bought this Uttermost Chandelier for E’s room from the Lucketts Store.  I left it in my car for a week, and when I took it out the glass cylinder under the crystal strands was shattered to pieces.  At first I FREAKED, but what’s funny is that now I like it even more!  Let me be clear that I paid $300 for it vs. the $800 retail that it now goes for, so it was a much easier pill to swallow.  I think that it now looks much lighter, and more whimsical, perfect for a “Princess” room.  (We had to convince E that she had a Princess room to move her out of the nursery when Anna was born.)
Here she is in E’s room today:
Our little Princess was ecstatic with her big girl room.  Here she is one week after she was evicted from her nursery (I have since swapped out her lamps.. and am seriously considering redoing her entire room again (the chandelier will stay)… This is the insanity that my husband has to live with..)

I am working really hard on not getting upset when “material items” get ruined, but in this case, I actually did myself a favor.  Have any of you ever had a disaster that turned into a delight?

2 thoughts on “Disaster to Delightful.

  1. Krista Salmon

    Hi Chloe! I had it made several years ago.. It used to be in my bedroom. The fabric is called Garden Toile by Braemore… (Color is Apple.) I think you can still find it online.

  2. Chole Clark

    I’m sorry I know it’s not quite on topic, but that bedding is beautiful and perfect for a little girls room! May I ask where it’s from {my own daughter is getting a “princess room” in a few months when her sibling arrives}. I would really appreciate it!

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