Remember this update on Lou’s big girl room?  Well, I was finally able to paint her bed.  This bed has special meaning, it was mine when I was a little girl.  I had to prime it first.  The bed was originally white, but my brother painted it black when he inherited it for his bachelor pad in Georgetown.   Gone are his bachelor days… He’s now living in the burbs with his wife, Milena and baby girl, Olivia.  They didn’t need the bed in their new house and I thought it would be so great for Lou to have it.
It took me almost an entire day to paint this baby.  Here is is (back to white) with the primer.
… And the finished product.  I used Duron’s Melon Shine.  I love the color!
I am somewhat embarrassed to show this picture as there is still so much left to do on “Project Big Girl Room.” But we’ve come a long way, baby.  Here’s a peek at what that poor little girl was sleeping on for two months until her Momma painted her bed.
So uncomfortable.  It was two mattresses stacked together.  No wonder why she wouldn’t stay in her bed!
As you can see, her room is pretty small. Here are some shots of it when we were awaiting the arrival of it’s original occupant. Perfect for a crib!
A little more crammed with a Big Girl Bed…
But we are making progress.   I just picked up the green pillows and coverlet at HomeGoods for a grand total of $80. God, I love that store.   The “Anna” letters will be 86’ed.  I’m in the process of designing her new bedskirt and a few other really exciting changes are in the works.  The bookshelves should be done this week.  I am sorry to say that most of the fabrics that I used (I originally designed the nursery 6 years ago) are now discontinued.
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Stay tuned.. This one’s gonna be GOOD.

10 thoughts on “Progress.

  1. Bonnie

    I just love your design of the ‘big girl’ room! I see in your plan you numbered each item of what you used in the room! Do you have a post or a tutorial on how you did the shelving units? I love this look so much!

  2. MegLorenzini

    Hi there! What an incredible room you have created. I have seen this room many times recognized by different people! I was wondering before you painted the bed did you have to sand the paint down to get the next coat to stick. We have the same type of bed and I would like to refinish but am weary of how to go about it. Thanks for sharing the beautiful room with us!

  3. Krista Salmon

    Hi Chloe- thanks so much. I am doing the letters on the pillows myself. I will post a tutorial. As for the fabric, it’s a P. Kaufman fabric called Camelot. I have looked everywhere and came up with nothing, so if you find it please let me know!

  4. Chole Clark

    On the very off chance that we could find discontinued fabric on Ebay or some such what it the name of the cute blue fabric used on the curtains and crib bedding?

  5. RFlip

    SO beautiful and unique! Your “unfinished” project looks great already… can’t wait to see the end result!

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