Movin’ On Up.

It’s official. As of today, I have a First-Grader.  I am not sure how time went by so quickly, or how I can slow it down, but my baby graduates Kindergarten today.  Holy crap, did this year fly by!
First day of Kindergarten.
God, that look I am giving her reminds me so much of my mother.  It’s official, I’ve become my mother, and she has become me– which means Mike is going to have his hands full with both of us.  Want to know why she’s getting “the look?”
 Well, she just farted on Daddy.  Of course, her little sister thinks it’s hilarious.
Flatulence aside, my baby will conquer the world one day.  She’s got that “it” factor.  She’s an old soul.
Now if we could only get her to channel that energy and stop getting in trouble for talking in class, all would be right with the world.
 Seriously, I have never met a kid that talks more than this one. She marches to the beat of her own drum.    She will never just “fit in.”  And that’s okay by me.   Today, we will celebrate her, and her inability to be quiet.  Congratulations, E Burger… We love you.