Double Duty.

Last week was a tad bit stressful.  By now you all know that I carry this bag in the Summer.  Each night, as I rush out of my office to pick up the girls, I stash my laptop in my bag.  Well, it was one of those nights… Mike was out of town, we got home late and in between trying to help E with her homework and cooking dinner it wasn’t until I heard a crash that I realized Lou had climbed up on the counter to get a banana.  As I turned in fear, I saw it… My MacBook Pro sitting on the floor.  Luckily it was still in tact, but I was sitting on pins and needles as I fired her up.  The good news is that she worked.. the bad news is that it sounded like a helicopter was taking off in our kitchen.

So, after an overnight stay at the Apple Store, she’s as good as new.  (Umm, yes, a new hard drive and optical drive were needed.)  I laughed as my resident Genius told me that I should get a case…  Good to know, there are a bevy of stylish options to choose from.  Gone are the days of the black canvas bags for laptops… These babies are working double duty when it comes to protecting your electronics and keeping you in style.

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