Forgot About Father’s Day?

I love the gift of music.  I made a CD for each of my girls when they were born, and we mailed them out with their birth announcements.  Now each of them have their own “mix” which they are so proud of.   A few years ago, I made a playlist for Mike for Father’s Day that we will certainly be listening to on Sunday as we celebrate him.  Here are a few of the songs on the playlist.  Have you forgotten about Father’s Day?  Put a few of these babies on a CD and wrap it up for that man in your life.
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One thought on “Forgot About Father’s Day?

  1. Courtney {a thoughtful place}

    Such a precious idea! You know what is funny is that I made one for my sister when she had her first baby. I never even thought about it for my own. What a beautiful idea. Have fun with your sweet family on Sunday. {ps . . . read my Karma book everyday!}

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