Hanging wall letters are seen in virtually every nursery out there.  There is something so exciting about boasting your child’s very existence.  I had both of my girls names on the wall in the nursery before either of them were born.  There is a fine line between stylish and gaudy when displaying your child’s name.  There are so many fonts and patterns out there that are just too “cutesy” for my taste.  
Here are some that I absolutely loved:

Moss letters.  How different!
Pink and green, but not overboard.  (I would 86 the bows.)

Burlap– fantastic!
 So many things you can do with these.
 Trends are moving away from stopping at just a name.  I am working with a friend on an adorable boy’s nursery that will have these on the wall:
You can even customize your letters.
Something a little more subtle.
Which one is your favorite?

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